Development at Maxim

At Maxim we are dedicated to helping our staff grow by encouraging career development and providing a platform for ongoing support and training. By helping our staff develop their technical expertise and knowledge we are able to provide our clients with market-leading solutions and advice.

We encourage all our professional staff to become Chartered Accountants and have a high success rate of staff completing the program and many times with merit.

As Chartered Accountants, staff are bound by the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand (CAANZ) Training and Development requirements in order to maintain their Chartered Accountant memberships. Maxim also has in place several policies and programs to assist staff in meeting their professional development requirements.

Detailed below are our key development programs.

Induction Program

All new Maxim employees are allocated a ‘buddy’ who will be their main contact to help accelerate their learning and on the job performance.  The induction program is aimed to provide new staff with information about the firm as well as specific training for their particular role. This program is in place for the first six months of their employment and varies depending on the employee’s position. The induction program will generally include:

  • Formal orientation
  • A copy of our employee handbook
  • On the job training
  • Structured training modules
  • Policies and procedures
  • Workplace safety
  • Emergency procedures
  • Regular catch ups with their manager as well as a formal evaluation of performance to conclude the probationary period

Chartered Accountants Program

Maxim boasts a high success rate for employees undertaking the CA program. Maxim’s support process provides candidates with a CA member within the firm to act as their mentor and assist during each stage of the CA Program. This ensures all candidates have the necessary resources available to successfully complete the program.

Maxim will pay the following costs up-front for staff undertaking the CA Program:

  • Enrolment fees
  • Reference material which includes support kits, workshops and lecture programs
  • Five days paid study leave per module, which includes the day of the exam. If work commitments allow, additional study leave in the form of annual leave may be granted upon request.

University and Other Post Graduate Support

As Maxim supports and promotes career development we encourage our staff to pursue further study that is complementary to their work. Maxim will allow two days paid study/examination leave as required for each subject per semester.

We provide undergraduates and graduates;

  • a friendly supportive work environment in a modern new office near the lake in Kingston
  • a teamwork approach that provides us with high level results and a cohesive workplace
  • a mentoring system with senior accountants
  • the opportunity to work with clients under the guidance of senior staff
  • regular retreats, gatherings and other events held throughout the year that provide the opportunity to mix with our professional team at all levels
  • a wide range of industry networking opportunities
  • training through the Institute of Chartered Accountants in Australia (ICAA) and individualised training providers as well as in house training and on the job training
  • support with study
  • support for graduates enrolled in the Chartered Accountants program including access to a coordinator, payment of enrolment fees and five study days per module

Performance Reviews

Maxim provides staff with regular performance feedback to empower them in enhancing their careers. We provide opportunities for staff to identify further training requirements and discuss potential career opportunities during each performance feedback session. We believe that regular performance feedback is a valuable tool in helping develop the careers of our staff. As a practice we place a major emphasis on ongoing guidance, resources, training and mentoring programs.

Formal performance reviews occur twice a year. We also encourage informal performance discussions with staff on a regular basis.

Internal/external training programs

To be ahead of the game Maxim understands that both technical and soft skills training is a must. Structured training programs are regularly reviewed and updated by the partners and senior staff to ensure all employees are keeping on top of the latest knowledge and their personal development.

As Maxim loves collective learning the majority of our training sessions have been brought in house. Having personally selected a premium trainer from the Institute of Chartered Accountants, Maxim organises regular tax updates and specifically requested tax hot topics where all levels of staff attend.